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NEW MAN : UK /nju: ‘mæn/ US /nu: ’mæn/, N., PL. -MANS
— A man who believes that women and men are equal and should be free to do the same things.
— Famous brand dreamed in California, created in France in 1967, worn Worldwide.


It’s the story of two young frenchy dreamers who set out an journey through California. With its creative energy, its cool lifestyle and above all, it’s sun-kissed climate, the Golden State electrifies them.

When they coming back home, their only desire: to inject this energy into a personal project. It will be a clothing brand for men and women, but without the bling side fashion or the conservative side of luxury. What they’re looking for is daytime clothing, an urban style with a sportswear sophistication in fits and finishes.

Motion, colour, boldness, take it or leave it!

New Man* is born.


To say that it was penciled on a piece of napkin ... To say that it was penciled on a piece of napkin ... It needed at least the talent of the designer Raymond Loëwy, pioneer of the modern industrial design, to realize such a stroke of genius!

The ambigram logo of New Man is in the image of its values. In one sense as in the other: It reads exactly the same way; It’s the standard of a style and a spirit constantly renewed: free, intrepid and enterprising.

If you wanna feel like a brand New Man, #JoinTheSquad


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In preview, New Man presents a Autumn - Winter 2018 collection for Man and Woman that revisits with modernity its identity codes.

Based on the historical process "a fit, a color, a wash" which earned him a cult-following status before the time (!), New Man returns more determined than ever.

The lovers of the first hour and the experts of the fashion knew it. Millenials and Gen Z were waiting for it. For this free and bold youth, the story New Man continues / New Man is writing a new page of its story.

Discover the new collection and #StayInTheLoop